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The World Is Your Workout

Get ready to think outside the gym. The Virgin HealthMiles program makes getting active not just another to-do, but a fun and integral part of your world. And did we mention rewards?! Earn up to $300 a year for getting active and participating in other healthy activities.

Here's What You Get

bullet A secure, personalized LifeZone website to easily manage all of your health and fitness data in one place
bullet A fun and easy platform to create and run your own personal challenges 
bullet Semi-annual Quest sweepstakes for the chance to win big prizes
bullet Articles and videos on the latest health and fitness topics
bullet Real-time feedback, motivation and support to help reach your goals
bullet A logbook to enter and monitor your health stats: weight, body fat, blood pressure
bullet A platform that integrates other tracking data from leading device manufacturers, including heart-rate monitors
bullet HealthCash rebates when you shop at our Rebate Center

Here's The Deal 

bullet As an employee of Santa Rosa County District Schools, you get all of the features and benefits of the HealthMiles program including a pedometer, plus up to $300 a year in rewards, for only $5 a month.

Here's How It Works

bullet Clip on your GoZone activity tracker each morning. Get active throughout the day and watch the steps stack up.
bullet Plug your GoZone into your computer to upload your steps.
bullet Track all your activity on the LifeZone.

We'll keep you motivated all year long with challenges, contests, team competitions with your co-workers and more! Santa Rosa County District Schools will also give you opportunities to participate in healthy activities for even more HealthMiles.

*You must be 18 years of age to join the Ektron Disabled: CommonLabelsContent.ProgramName program.

A Little Healthy Competition

As part of the Ektron Disabled: CommonLabelsContent.ProgramName program, you can create and run your own Personal Challenges! You set the rules, we send out the invites. You provide the prizes, we provide the platform. Then let the games begin.