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We’re so glad you’re here! Are you as excited to join as we are to have you? Get ready to go way beyond what you know about wellness - this program’s about everything that matters most to you, with games, rewards, challenges, friends and more! Read on to find out what you get, and how it works. Welcome!

Here's What You Get

bullet A Max activity tracker
bullet A secure, personal web site
bullet Challenges, contests, tools and tips
bullet $600 a year for employees

Here's How It Works

bullet The more healthy things you do, the more HealthMiles you earn
bullet The fastest way to earn HealthMiles? Wear your Max every day. It’ll track your activity throughout the day, then just plug it in to your computer to upload
bullet Earn even more HealthMiles by participating in challenges and other healthy activities
bullet The more HealthMiles you earn, the more rewards you get!

We'll keep you motivated all year long with challenges, contests, team competitions with your co-workers and more! Lockheed Martin will also give you opportunities to participate in healthy activities for even more HealthMiles. Plus, all eligible employees will have the opportunity to earn up to $600 ($100 at Level 2; $200 at Level 3; $300 at Level 4) regardless of your health plan!

Employees enrolled in the LM HealthWorks Plan can earn HealthFund credits (non-taxed) and employees not enrolled in the LM HealthWorks Plan can earn taxable income in their paycheck.

Have a spouse or same-sex domestic partner that wants to join Virgin Pulse?  Go to

Don’t forget spouse or same-sex domestic partners enrolled in the LM HealthWorks Plan can earn up to $200 in HealthFund credits too!

*You must be 18 years of age to join the Ektron Disabled: CommonLabelsContent.ProgramName program.

A Little Healthy Competition

As part of the Ektron Disabled: CommonLabelsContent.ProgramName program, you can create and run your own Personal Challenges! You set the rules, we send out the invites. You provide the prizes, we provide the platform. Then let the games begin.