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Introducing OhioHealthy Move & Improve powered by Virgin Pulse

Move & Improve
OhioHealth associates and their spouses or same-sex domestic partners, you can now join a program where getting active & fit means getting great stuff!  And ours isn't your typical stuff, you know.  Ours is motivation, feedback, gadgets, tracking, challenges, prizes, more energy, feeling better, looking great...and rewards.


OhioHealth associates and their spouses or same-sex domestic partners, you get all the features and benefits of the HealthMiles program including a Max pedometer, plus up to $500 a year in rewards, for FREE. That's right, OhioHealthy Move & Improve is providing this great benefit for its associates and their spouses or same-sex domestic partners! 


You can earn up to $500 a year in rewards($125 each quarter) for getting active and tracking your progress.  As you participate in the OhioHealthy Move & Improve program, you'll proceed through a series of 5 Rewards Levels where you'll earn extra cash in your paycheck!


  • A free Max Tracker
  • a secure, personalized website to easily manage all of your health & fitness data in one place
  • a fun & easy platform to create and run your own personal challenges
  • semi-annual Quest sweepstakes for the chance to win big prizes
  • a way to track your nutrition on the Virgin Pulse program
  • access to track your measurements on iPad Health Stations
  • articles and videos on the latest health & fitness topics
  • real-time feedback, motivation and support to reach your goals
  • a logbook to enter & monitor your health stats: weight, and blood pressure
  • a platform that integrates other tracking data from leading device manufacturers, including heart-rate monitors

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*You must be 18 years of age to join the HealthMiles program.

A Little Healthy Competition

As part of the HealthMiles program, you can create and run your own Personal Challenges! You set the rules, we send out the invites. You provide the prizes, we provide the platform. Then let the games begin.